Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Ear surgery, known as Otoplasty, is the reshaping of the patients’ ears, most commonly to correct prominent ears by placing them back closer to the head. Several children and adolescents become uncomfortable and feel awkward about the appearance of their ears if they do not already sit closer to the head. Dr. Hankins has performed multiple ear surgeries, and individuals gain their self-confidence back after prominent ears are corrected appropriately. It is a very safe surgery, with scars being unnoticeable to others.

Children as young as five years of age may have otoplasty and of course adults.  Patients may choose to be under general or local anesthesia during the approximate two hour procedure.

After completion of the surgery, patients must wear a dressing, (also a soft protection piece at night) and once it is removed in a few days, some swelling will be noticeable.  Patients can resume school and activities, including athletics, or work in less than a week and full activity in about two weeks.