Face Lift / Neck Lift

As we age, sun exposure over time, gravity and the loss of collagen in our face and neck causes wrinkles and often creates an older and more tired appearance to these areas of the body. Dr. Hankins recommends either a facelift or necklift to his patients that are wanting a more youthful appearance. These techniques not only create a younger, more desired look but creates a better shape and curve to the face, jowl and neck areas.  During a facelift or necklift, excess skin and fat are simply removed in these areas. Dr. Hankins creates a refreshed look for our patients, and he reminds patients that the incisions are hidden in the hairline and ear creases.

Dr. Hankins Plastic Surgery might also suggest to his office patients combining a facelift or necklift with a browlift, eyelid surgery or possibly skin resurfacing to enhance the overall younger appearance patients are longing for.

Why Choose Dr. Hankins Plastic Surgery?

Remember that your surgeon, as is Dr. Hankins, should be Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which sets the standard for quality medical care and is the highest level of achievement and certification of plastic surgery. Dr. Hankins prefers to deliver a natural appearance to all his patients – not an “operated on” look. Plastic surgery should be individually tailored to meet your needs, not the needs of everyone else. Dr. Hankins has performed hundreds of facial aesthetic procedures and wants to help you achieve your personal goals.

Procedure Details

Aesthetic facelift surgery is an approximate two to four hour procedure. The recovery period is typically between a one to two week period. Each patient is different during the healing process, so the amount of swelling and bruising will vary. Dr. Hankins can recommend other methods that might aid in the healing process.