Mini-facelifts offer an excellent alternative for many of Dr. Hankins’ patients. A facelift means more recovery time, a more expensive procedure and can be more extensive for some patients. Similar to the “Lifestyle Lift” ™ in the media today, the mini-facelift is a procedure Dr. Hankins offers to his patients as a better choice. The mini-facelift has less bruising and discomfort, and it’s a great option for both females and males for a less subtle look.

Patients are able to receive a mini-facelift under local anesthesia, easily and safely. Like the “Lifestyle lift” ™, the mini-facelift performed by Dr. Hankins places sutures  in the deeper layers of the face, lifting patients’ soft tissues in turn creating a long-lasting lift, and excess skin is removed. Many patients regain their normal daily schedule after just one week, with no removing of sutures and no visible incisions.