Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)

Our eyes are such a beautiful and important focal point of the human face, and they communicate to others our thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately, it is also one of the areas that can visibly show aging –  heavy, sagging lids or tired-looking eyes can convey an unattractive look. Dr. Hankins Plastic Surgery can help these patients by performing an eyelift or blepharoplasty, reversing this tired appearance by removing skin and fat from the eyelids. Patients look awake and not tired anymore!

Dr. Hankins has consulted patients in which their brows have dropped therefore contributing to full or heavy upper eyelids. In these cases, a browlift maybe be performed in conjunction with an eyelift. This combination can be discussed in more detail during the personal consultation.

The incisions for an eyelift are hidden very easily in the natural creases of the eyelid for the upper lid, and then just below the eyelash line in the lower lid, known as a scarless approach which can also be discussed personally with the plastic surgeon.

Patients have a choice during eyelid lift surgery to have either general or local anesthesia during the two hour procedure. Depending upon each patient’s healing time, recovery takes about one week.