Post-Bariatric Body Contouring

After your bariatric surgery, you’ve lost weight, look and feel great – congratulations! But, now it seems after your successful surgery to help lose weight, you have excess, unwanted skin in certain areas on your body. Dr. Hankins can now meet with you during a personal consultation to discuss body contouring options to best suit your needs.

Typically with excessive weight loss in patients, Dr. Hankins recommends a circumferential tummy tuck or potentially a lower body lift, which can significantly improve the appearance of one’s waistline, thighs and buttocks. An arm lift, breast lift and facelift might also be recommended to some patients.

Risks Involved

There are risks involved, as with all surgeries, even though post-bariatric body contouring procedures are performed on a regular basis. The staff at Dr. Hankins Plastic Surgery will consult patients on the risks: infection, bleeding, scarring, blood clots and numbness. All of these risks in the care of Dr. Hankins are minimized, and his staff can discuss complications and the best way to avoid these.


Prior to your surgery, Dr. Hankins will request a full medical history, which includes information on weights prior to bariatric surgery. This procedure will not be performed unless a patient’s weight has remained stable for a six month period of time. Any known medical conditions must be communicated to the plastic surgeon and staff to ensure a safe surgical procedure. Dr. Hankins will also require patients to complete certain lab/blod tests. To coincide with this approach, a full physical exam will take place on each patient to determine the best body contouring procedures.


After completion of the surgery, Dr. Hankins asks patients, especially whom are traveling from out of the area, to spend between seven to 14 days locally, for safety reasons. His practice prides itself on the safety of each patient first and foremost, so Dr. Hankins would like to make sure there are no complications. Our office would be happy to assist you in arranging a stay in an appropriate care facility or a close hotel upon discharge. Proper followup with our office and the patient’s primary care physician is critical in the healing process.

Am I a candidate?

Dr. Hankins does not recommend this surgery to those whom are still losing weight or are massively obese as the risks from surgery are too great.