Mommy Makeover

Moms today have one of the most difficult and most important jobs in the world – raising children. Family and children often times come first, before your needs and your look. Sometimes, you just neglect yourself with all that you do. Moms want to look their best and at the same time be a wonderful caregiver. Dr. Hankins can meet with you during a personal consultation and discuss his safe, surgical and skilled techniques to reverse the signs of childbearing and age, leaving you as a mom refreshed and rejuvenated.

As a mom, do you feel too busy to have down time after a surgery? There’s no way you could even think of taking time off from cleaning, running errands, cooking, school homework and running children to school activities! You can’t think of yourself, and not the family? Being a mom is important, but your beauty and health are integral to your success and the way you feel about yourself as a mother. Moms deserve the best! Moms need to feel youthful and sexy to be confident in life.

Many patients of Dr. Hankins tell the practice that they wish they had their Mommy Makeover months or even years ago.Dr. Hankins will discuss what you desire during your personal consultation. Be assured Dr. Hankins is one of the best plastic surgeons to perform a breast lift, SmartLipo Body Sculpting and tummy tucks. All of these procedures will dramatically change your look as a mom and increase your self-confidence. Our office will personalize your treatment options with your end results in mind, all with little recovery time and within a reasonable budget.