Brazilian Butt Lift / Gluteal Implants

A procedure gaining popularity for patients seeking more volume in the buttocks, is the Brazilian Butt Lift.  For this procedure, Dr. Hankins performs what is known as a autologous mircro fat transfer, or removing fat from a location on your body and molding the buttocks using this fat, for a more rounder shape which patients tend to like that it involves no implants and no scar tissue.

Procedure Details

Dr. Hankins Plastic Surgery ensures that each patient understands the procedure of autologous micro fat transfer. The procedure begins with liposuction from appropriate areas on the patient’s body which might include the arms, abdomen or thigh area. The fat is removed,  separated from other material removed during liposuction, washed and prepared for sterile injection. This new purified fat is re-injected into the buttock area of the body.


You will experience some level of pain after having a Brazilian Butt Lift. This is easily relieved by medication – and varies from individual to individual.  Patients typically spend the first day or two in bed. It’s best for the healing patient to have an area prepped with medications, a comfortable place to rest and sleep complete with things to do such as books, laptop, an ipad, ipod or TV.

Our practice also recommends wearing  compression garments for six weeks after surgery to help improve the transplanted fat’s survival rate of success but to reduce the risks of lumps, bleeding, fluid retention and muscle/nerve damage. Dr. Hankins will suggest when to remove these garments.

Patients need adequate time to heal, so Dr. Hankins highly encourages patients not to hurry back into their busy lifestyle without having plenty of time to heal. Waiting a good five to seven days before returning to normal activities is key, ideally waiting at least three weeks before participating in activities or exercise.

Gluteal Implants

Gluteal implants are soft silicone implants that can be placed inside the buttock muscle, creating more fullness, and this is a alternative option for those that are not candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift.  Dr. Hankins would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss this option in more detail.